History, Culture and Tradition. Live Conscious Palenque!

We are resistance, freedom and dignity

So transport yourself to the magic of resilience and live Palenque

Here the wisdom of our ancestors and the cultural identity of San Basilio de Palenque, declared Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, will go beyond the senses.

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Bring the palenquero market home, close to your heart


Travel to the past and present of Palenquera culture, history and tradition

Tour Gastronomic.

Imagine taking a trip through the flavors and knowledge of the Palenquera tradition.

Catering service

Get to know and experience the essentials of this service, in the hands of our wonderful Palenque.

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If it is about inspiration and living an unparalleled experience, our Ecotur Monte Cimarrón de Palenque is the ideal trip for you.

Why live the Palenque dream

We are authentic

Beyond services and products we are memory. Our brands are designed for all tastes, needs and flavors. Each experience and each sensation of San Basilio de Palenque satisfies the unique cultural needs of Colombia. We are Conscious Palenque!

Discover Palenque

Our music, the secret of traditional sweets, the magic of our ancestral cuisine, the history of hairstyles, the significance of our language, are elements that will make you take a deep dive into the charm of our identities. Live Conscious Palenque!

Leave it to us

We have a preferential service so that you accompany us and become not a client, but a conscious ally. We will advise you, we will accompany you and we will always go beyond your expectations. Join Conscious Palenque!


Caring for our culture, history and tradition drive us to do that we do. In this space you make a significant contribution to the preservation of our identity and the message of the cultural and intangible heritage of humanity is impregnated in your spirit.

Conscious Tourism

An experience that transforms

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We are Palenque

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